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Interviewing Tips

  • Sell yourself! Use the interview as an opportunity to tell them that you have the skills they need (as demonstrated by telling them about a project you have done that is very similar to what they are doing), you are interested in doing a good job, and that you can get along well with others.
  • Be on time. Make sure you leave with plenty of time to get there ten - fifteen minutes early to compose yourself before your interview. Get good directions (either from us, the companies website, or by calling the client's switchboard)
  • Look your best. Dress for success. While the environment may be very casual, plan on wearing your best suit unless instructed otherwise. Make sure your hair is neat, you don't have lunch on your shirt, and you look presentable. You want to look like someone you would want to work with. First impressions count.
  • Know what your resume says. Make sure the dates you give and project descriptions match your resume (with more detail).
  • Know about the company and the opening. Take notes about the company and opening from your recruiter. Research the company via their website and other on-line info. Doing your homework shows the company you are knowledgeable and interested in them. In the interview, ask them what the actual job responsibilities are and discuss your skills that are relevant to the opening.
  • Ask for the job. Before you leave, tell them you are interested in the oppty and believe you can do a good job for them.
  • Be prepared to answer the following questions (at a minimum):
    • Tell me about your last project (use your "powerwords" � designed, developed, etc. xyz software using x, y, z). Be prepared to discuss each assignment you have had.
    • Why should I hire you?
    • What are your strengths (technical and personal)?
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • What will your references say about you?
    • Why did you leave each job?
    • Technical questions
    • What do you want to do? (don't say you want to have the managers job, but are looking for the job to which you are applying but will have room to advance when appropriate)
    • Are you looking for a career or a job? Some questions are asked to indicate how long you plan to stay at the company. Don't say you are waiting to hit the lottery so you won't have to work.

  • Ask about vacation time, benefits, etc. � the time to do that is after an offer. You don't want them to think you are more interested in your vacation than the job.
  • Discuss salary unless asked directly.
  • Ask for more money than you are worth on the outside chance they will give it to you. You will probably just eliminate the chances of getting an offer.
  • Talk negatively about your former employer
  • Be negative.
  • Eat a big "liability" lunch or breakfast before hand that might make you tired.

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 Interviewing Tips
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