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  • Ethics! We don't "play games". Your resume will NEVER leave our office without your permission. Why risk having someone send your resume to your boss? We do not broadcast resumes to everyone we have ever heard of, like some firms in town. You will only be submitted to positions you are interested in and qualified for. Essential Resources will not lie to you about a position in the interest of a "quick buck".
  • Knowledge! Essential Resources is made up of industry veterans. We won't submit you to jobs that are not a fit for your interests, skill level, and salary requirements. We understand the market and can help steer your career in the right direction through resume building, career advice, and offering opportunities with many of the best companies.
  • Service! We consider our candidates as customers who deserve quality service, honesty, and an agency that does what they say they will do.

Please see our job openings and send us your resume.

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